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SuperTEC® L10


  • For same breaking strength, smaller size of SuperTEC L10 can replace regular PP rope.
  • Higher abrasion resistance than general PP ropes.

Save time

  • Smaller size and lighter weight of SuperTEC L10 rope leads to saving working hours and labor cost.
  • Easy to handle because it floats and does not absorb water.

Last longer

  • Compared to the same size of PP ropes, it has superior strength and more abrasion resistance.
  • It does not reduce it’s strength in water.
  • It is very stable against U.V for a long period of time.

Most innovative

  • DSR’s innovative technology enables us to offer a stronger and affordable rope.
  • SuperTEC L10 is the strongest rope among PP, PE and Polyolefin ropes.
Strong in water  |  High UV resistance
High anti-abrasion  |  Easy handling


  • Mooring & TowLine
  • Cultivation
    Seaweed, Oyster, Laver, Sea Squirt etc.
  • Fishing
    Gill Net, Drag Net, Surrounding Net, Set Net, Trawl etc.
  • Fish Trap
    Crab, Eel, Blue Crab, Octopus, Snail etc.
  • Above Land
    Grind Mill Ropes, Industrial Materials, Agriculture, Forestry.
  • Recreation & Sport
    Safety Net, Hatch Net, Cargo Net.
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