Steel wire ropes

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Steel wire ropes

Steel wire ropes and steel wire rope configurations are a big part of the daily business for Vermeulen Europoort. The variety of steel wire ropes that Vermeulen Europoort can supply is almost endless. Vermeulen Europoort supplies steel wire ropes in different constructions for multiple applications and with all thinkable end connections (terminals). All steel wire ropes can be combined with the by Vermeulen Europoort developed and patented DX-11 end connection, these are of course configurations we are very proud of. Furthermore Vermeulen Europoort can supply (in-house) spliced steel wire configurations. Splicing is an age-old skill and there are not a lot of craftsmen left in the industry, but we can do the job.

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Vermeulen Europoort is official dealer of the WireCo World group which contains the brands Casar, Oliveira and Drumet. These steel wire ropes are used in the shipping, heavy lift and transshipment industry in which the most demanding rules and regulations apply.

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