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Steel wire ropes
and hoist equipment

For the shipping industry

Whether it concerns a small inland vessel or a large offshore dredger, Vermeulen Europoort can supply all required lift- and hoist materials that can be customized for each and every job. Vermeulen Europoort is certified in accordance with Bureau Veritas Mode 1 which means that Vermeulen Europoort can provide certification of lift- and hoist materials on board of your vessel without the presence of an additional Bureau Veritas surveyor. Logically this saves you both time and money!

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We still master the skill of the old-age craftsmanship of splicing fiber ropes.

Within Vermeulen Europoort the skill of splicing has been passed from father to son for several generations. Vermeulen Europoort is one of the few rigging shops left where they master (in-house) the skill of splicing down to the smallest detail.


Hans Schreuder


Vermeulen Europoort is our reliable partner for steel wire ropes and other lift- and hoist materials that are used on our fleet for several years already. Vermeulen Europoort is an expert in the industry and when requested they can supply quick and efficiently.

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