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Inspection and certification

Safety and quality as starting point

Vermeulen Europoort is accredited by the renowned branch organization EKH for performing inspection-, proof load- and repair activities on hoist- lift equipment. These activities are performed at a big variety of companies in the petrochemical- , shipping- , terminals-, heavy and light industry. Our skilled mechanics fulfill these activities with safety and quality as the primary points of attention.

Our services

Periodic inspection of lift- and hoist equipment

  • Inspection and (un-)reeving of crane steel wire ropes

  • Certification of lift- and hoist equipment

  • Inspection and installation of hoists and other lifting gear

  • Certification of fall protection equipment (PPE’s and permanent systems)

  • Examination and certification of electrical tools (with a cord and plug)

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Not just inspection

Besides filing the usual examination-/inspection reports our inspectors also do an assessment of the situation at your location. Within the assessment the expected required inspection hours and the required materials are estimated for the next inspection at the location. In this way the client knows exactly what they should account for in the next inspection period.

Our certifications

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