Grommets made in Rotterdam

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20 MAY 2020 \\ NEWS

Grommets made in Rotterdam

At the start of 2020 Vermeulen Europoort re-installed a updated version of their own grommet machine to manufacture grommets in-house like they have done in the past

Vermeulen Europoort can now fulfill the growing demand for client specific grommets. Grommets are closed / endless rings of steel wire rope that are mainly used in order to lift heavy loads. Grommets are known for their robustness and can be found on terminals and in the shipping industry.

In the past Vermeulen Europoort was already manufacturing steel wire rope grommets but this craft had been placed in the background for quite some time now. Vermeulen Europoort thinks the time is right to re-introduce the craft of making grommets into the workshop again and is taking production into its own hands again.

The grommets can be manufactured within a diameter from 18mm to 96mm with a maximum circumference of 24 meters. These specifications should cover most of the demand in Western Europe.