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In our industry there are only a few development as progressive as Dyneema®. At this moment the patent is existing for already 40 years, but the last few years the product gained more and more market share within the heavy-lift industry. Especially the offshore market is willing to use these fiber products due to light weight and robustness of the products. Vermeulen Europoort is dealer of Extreema®, the well-known brand of Lift-Tex® that is the manufacturer of round slings with a MBL up to 8.000 t and lengths up to 65 meters.

Extreema® heavy lift soft slings has become a famous name in the industry over the last decade within the heavy lift industry. Extreema® heavy lift soft slings provide a safe, cost effective reliable and light weight alternative for have lifting chains and steel wire configurations.

Due to the endless configuration, packed into a compact and strong woven cover (available in multiple synthetic materials), lifting slings can be manufactured with a very low elongation under load, very exact lengths and high minimum breaking loads.

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