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Diverse steel wire ropes services

Management and maintenance

As all-round supplier of steel wire ropes Vermeulen Europoorts job does not stop at advice and installation only. After installation of our steel wire ropes or other lift- and hoist materials we remain closely involved. It is of great importance that steel wire ropes are inspected and, if required, be replaced on a regular base.

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Inspection and maintenance of steel wire ropes

Periodic visual inspections

When a steel wire ropes is in operation it faces heavy loads, bending moments and movements and are therefore subject to wear and tear. The frequency of use has a big impact on the lifetime of a steel wire rope configuration. Wire-breaks, corrosion and abrasion can result in a reduction in tensile strength. During the lifetime of a steel wire rope the mechanical characteristics of a configurations changes. Through visual inspection steel wire ropes can be monitored and examined to predict the remaining lifetime of a steel wire rope configuration.

Replacement of crane-, bridge and lock steel wire ropes

Scheduled and preventive

Naturally steel wire ropes have to be replaced at a certain moment. A replacement can be scheduled but it can also occur that a replacement has to be done sooner than scheduled due to wire-breaks, corrosion and/or wear and tear. The Vermeulen Europoort rigging team is well known in the harbor, on terminals but also at bridges and/or locks that are managed by Rijkswaterstaat or municipalities.

Pre-stretching of
steel wire rope configurations

Relief your configuration from stretch.

Vermeulen Europoort makes sure that steel wire configurations are perfectly qualified for your application. For some applications it is preferred that steel wire configurations are pre-stretched before use. Vermeulen Europoort is able to pre-stretch steel wire configurations both dynamic as static. Static pre-stretching is normally performed at 50% of the configurations breaking load with a certain amount of loading cycles for a certain amount of time. This procedure can be  repeated until the configuration is (almost) stretch free.

Patented end connection DX11

Smart termination technology

Vermeulen Europoort successfully developed, patented, and implemented the “DX11 STT” end connection. This technology offers a high and reliable lifetime, a high safety factor and a high efficiency.

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