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The family-owned business Vermeulen Europoort has been supplying steel wire ropes, mooring lines, lift – and hoist materials for over 50 years. The knowledge and skills have been passed from father to son for several generations. With loyal and devoted employees Vermeulen Europoort offers continuity for their clients.

For many years Vermeulen is the place to be for the supply, maintenance, inspection and certification of steel wire ropes and other lift- and hoist materials within the Dutch industry. With the Rotterdam attitude we keep our promises. Our inspectors and mechanics are used to work for renowned terminals and petrochemical companies.

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“For many years Vermeulen Europoort is a reliable partner for the manufacturing and supply of steel wire – and other hoisting products for our fleet. Vermeulen has the knowledge, is customer oriented and is able to deliver quickly.”

Hans Schreuder, Manager Procurement at SeaTrade

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